Fantasy Foundation: Block IX

IX. Always Start The Studs! This is another block that could easily have been first but was dropped down due to continuity reasons. After considering everything I have mentioned above, SOS is something I hope everyone understands is important.  This shouldn’t be the only thing considered though.  I have experienced myself, and witnessed others make … Read more

Fantasy Foundation: Block VIII

VIII. Play for the Championship, NOT the Regular Season This sounds fairly common-sense but this is something many fantasy players lose sight of.  Before the draft there is but one goal, winning the championship.  Somewhere along the way we can lose sight of that and begin to build a team full of great players vs. … Read more

Fantasy Foundation: Block VII

VII. Utilize Mock Drafts Every veteran fantasy football player understands the value of mock drafting.  Something an inexperienced fantasy football player may think is that mock drafting is a waste of time.  Here is what mock drafting is good for: knowing what is available at a certain draft position and which players are going when. … Read more

Fantasy Foundation: Block VI

VI. Do NOT Draft a Kicker or Defense Too Early Don’t be the idiot who drafts the 1st defense or kicker unless all other positions are set and everyone else has been waiting on drafting them as well. My BIGGEST pet peeve in all of fantasy football is when the inevitable 1st defense is taken … Read more

Fantasy Foundation: Block II

II. Know the Competition Those of us who have played fantasy football in multiple leagues have experienced this first hand; some leagues are just more competitive than others, and some leagues draft differently than most. There are some leagues out there which are mainly for fun; some leagues are used as a way to keep … Read more

Fantasy Foundation: Block I

The Fantasy Foundation For those of us who have played fantasy sports before, we understand that going into the fantasy season without a plan-of-action is a bad idea.  Good strategies aren’t thought up on the fly; they are built from the ground-up and are flexible enough in order to adjust to the many unexpected changes … Read more