The Complete Fantasy Foundation

The Fantasy Foundation For those of us who have played fantasy sports before, we understand that going into the fantasy season without a plan-of-action is a bad idea.  Good strategies aren’t thought up on the fly; they are built from the ground-up and are flexible enough in order to adjust to the many unexpected changes … Read more

Fantasy Foundation: Block IX

IX. Always Start The Studs! This is another block that could easily have been first but was dropped down due to continuity reasons. After considering everything I have mentioned above, SOS is something I hope everyone understands is important.  This shouldn’t be the only thing considered though.  I have experienced myself, and witnessed others make … Read more

Fantasy Foundation: Block VII

VII. Utilize Mock Drafts Every veteran fantasy football player understands the value of mock drafting.  Something an inexperienced fantasy football player may think is that mock drafting is a waste of time.  Here is what mock drafting is good for: knowing what is available at a certain draft position and which players are going when. … Read more