MLB Hall of Fame Q&A with some of the OTN Guys

What is your opinion on electing players who have tested positive for steroids into the Hall of Fame (HOF) ? Joe Lange – Honestly, after all the debating I have heard over the years on radio shows and TV I am sick and tired of hearing who has taken steroids and who hasn’t. There are many players … Read more

AL Cy Young: Corey Kluber vs. The World

On October 3rd, the baseball writers submitted their votes for the players they would like to win the major awards. While a lot of the races spark more interest or are more clear cut, the AL Cy Young remains the aggressively mediocre race of the season. Everyone and their mother seems to have a different opinion … Read more

Is there a better month for sports than March?

March. A time for your clocks to spring forward, trees to bud, and for many the sports equivalent to nirvana. So my question to the world: is there a better month for sports then March? America is on its toes for football all winter and then there comes a wasteland between the end of the NFL season … Read more