The Road to Super Bowl LII, Championship Round

After 17 grueling weeks of the ‘17-‘18 NFL season, we are officially down to 12 teams, each fighting for a chance to play in Minnesota on Sunday, February 4th: the 52nd Super Bowl.  This season has been saturated with stories of surprising contenders, disappointing pretenders, season-ending injuries, scandalous narratives, and fantasy frustration.  As we try … Read more

NFL Midpoint Evaluation: Playoff Predictions

American Football Conference AFC East Champion New England Patriots (6-2) AFC North Champion Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) AFC South Champion Jacksonville Jaguars (4-3) AFC West Champion Kansas City Chiefs (6-2) AFC Wild Card Buffalo Bills (5-2) Tennessee Titans (4-3) National Football Conference   NFC East Champion Philadelphia Eagles (7-1) NFC North Champion Minnesota Vikings (6-2) NFC … Read more

NFL Midpoint Evaluation: AFC West

AFC West Kansas City Chiefs (6-2) – Offensive Points per Game (3rd) Yards per Game (2nd) – Unbelievably shocking. Considering they drafted a QB early with the obvious intent to replace Alex Smith had he had another down year, and they lost their starting RB before the season even began, this was unforeseen by everybody.  … Read more

NFL Midpoint Evaluation: AFC South

AFC South Tennessee Titans (4-3) – Offensive Points per Game (13th) Yards per Game (18th) – The split doesn’t really surprise me as it tends to mean that the running game has been successful. This offense has really struggled at times as evidence of their not-so-great losses to the Dolphins and Texans, but they’ve also … Read more

NFL Midpoint Evaluation: AFC North

AFC North Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) – Offensive Points per Game (20th) Yards per Game (11th) – I’d have to say that both of these are surprising to me as I considered them having one of the best, if not THE best offense in the NFL heading into the season. Ben has definitely showed some signs … Read more

NFL Midpoint Evaluation: AFC East


AFC East New England Patriots (6-2) – Offensive Points per Game (7th) Yards per Game (1st) – Pretty much what I expected from them, but the ground game has been a little weaker than I expected. They have been battling injuries offensively with the obvious loss of Julian Edelman early, but they have kept themselves afloat … Read more

Broncos Overcome Late Patriots Charge; Punch Ticket To Superbowl 50

What more could a football fan ask for than a conference championship between two star-studded teams lead by two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks? Not much if you ask me! Tom Brady and the New England Patriots took to the field to face off against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Mile High Stadium … Read more