Episode 12: Return of the Red Eye

Patrick replaces Ian as host as he and Richard let the smooth jazz and rich coffee waft over them for some fantasy news, advice, and everything else inbetween. Plus: Bang, Marry, Kill makes a triumphant return.

Episode 11: The Prattle of Patrick

Better late than never, Richard and Ian welcome Patrick back to the podcast for the weekly news and to defend his view on Robinson Cano. The gang then get abstract with how fantasy baseball has altered their perception of the real sport of baseball.

Episode 9: Joe Panik or No Panic?

Ian and Richard look at some recent news, including Jake Arrieta’s no hitter and they discuss whether it is time to panic on some players or not.

Episode 8: Bang, Marry, Kill

Ian returns to bring balance back to the fantasy podcast. He talks about news of the week, Blackmon’s injury, stuggling players to buy low on, and Richard introduces a new segmant that goes horribly wrong.

Episode 7: Opening Week (Red Eye Inauguration)

RED EYE EDITION: late night, free flowing podcast. Richard plays host and welcomes Ian’s sub, Patrick Weaver to the show to discuss Opening Week, trade etiquette, Matt Bush, and some nonsense.

Episode 6: Draft Recap

Ian and Richard recap their keeper league draft, discuss Jose Reyes, and compare some closers.

Episode 4: Lightning Strikes Twice

In which Ian and Richard breakdown the news from the week, talk about a Franco brother having good preformances, examine the state of steals, introduce sound to a segment, and Richard goes on another rant.

Episode 3: Injuries? Time to Freak out…kind of.

Its only Spring Training but, we are talking injuries and how they could ruin your fantasy team and your hometown team for the season. We toe the line between freaking out and just plain fun. We discuss how some losses affect the position rankings and how they affect some positions more than others. Shortstops? Catchers? … Read more