Episode 22: Finale

The last episode of Waiver Trolls. Most of the guys review the end of the year for both regular baseball and fantasy and goof off with mediocre talk.

2017 Mock Draft

The gang gets together to do a mock draft. It’s the most honest description you’ll ever see for a podcast.

Episode 18: Offseason News Pt. 2

Ian, James, Patrick, and Richard discuss the next wave of deals including the Drew Smyly trade, the Rajai Davis signing, and where Jose Bautista might end up. Plus, Richard attempts to add a new segment called, “He would be good if…”

Episode 17: Offseason News

Everyone shows up to talk about the offseason news and the Winter Meetings. James Swindel defends the Nationals’ moves, Patrick Weaver defends the Orioles, and Ian Shaw defends penne noodles. And Richard Martindell actually records it all correctly.

Episode 16: The Echo Episode

A truly amazing and hilarious episode that was so good, the producer made it twice… with echoes. Patrick and Ian join to talk about the end of the first playoff matchup. And then the show goes off the rails as real baseball talks takes a focus.

Episode 14: Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Richard and James talk about Danny Salazar and Sonny Gray’s DL stints and guys who could replace them on your team. Plus a little bit of talk about a redraft for next year.

Episode 13: We’re Back!

After a long hiatus, Waiver Trolls is back. Richard introduces a new co-host and they unpack the Trade Deadline, talk about the fantasy trade deadline, and some injury updates.