NL 14: Episode 14

Scott and I now face an audio gremlin that forced 30 minutes of show to get cut. As usual, I am ahead on ladder but the primary excitement comes from our 2nd show guest HalfLife (Brandon) who adds a Legendary player’s perspective and we just loved having him on. He’ll be returning to share his … Read more

NL 13: Episode 13

Scott & Beau suffer through edit 2 show together after COX internet screwed up yet again. If you’re into scattered, disjointed chaos, this episode is for you.

NL 12: Episode 12

Scott and Beau discuss the end of the expansion, the new cards, the meta and why it sucks right now and of course, we fight. There may be SOME drinking involved.

NL 11: Episode 11

This week in Hearthstone we talk about the 2nd wing of Karazan, both of our wives make an appearance on the show (unexpectedly) and Beau continues to outrank Scott on ladder by many orders of magnitude. So, status quo, really.

NL 10: Episode 10

We review the final cards from the new Adventure discuss Christmas and our move into streaming on Twitch more frequently. We also discover a deep and vast dislike for each other.

NL 9: Episode 9

SCOTT AND BEAU ARE TOGETHER AGAIN! We record our first episode together since the 1st episode. New cards revealed and rated and we casually drink until we hate each other openly. No physical damage but plenty of threats. Also, Priest is laid to rest. Funeral services to follow. What is Hearthstone thinking?

NL 8: Episode 8

Beau gets use to his new boom mic arm, Scott continues to reveal his lack of knowledge of Warcraft, we get excited for the new expansion and the worlds worst Hearthstone Dad jokes all while using nudity as a weapon.

NL 7: Episode 7

Scott and Beau fight about why Scott feels the need to play Pokemon Go during the podcast and also cover quite a few Hearthstone decks, the state of the meta and card being cycled out next year.

NL 6: Episode 6

Scott and Beau have their first Legendary guest, Nox24, they discuss tips for ladder and Ben Brode’s Reddit appearance as well as Twitter questions answered!

NL 5: Episode 5

Scott and Beau discuss Hearthstone competition on the Horizon, the Warcraft Movie and success in Wild.