NL 24: Episode 24

Cards. cards and more cards! We go over all 135 cards coming out this week!

NL 23: Episode 23

Scott and Beau talk about joining a new family and how Scott won’t last because no one likes the fat, stupid kid. …and Hearthstone, we talk about that too.

NL 22: Episode 22

We lose the salt and calm down a bit. New and exciting potential for the show’s future as well.

NL 21: Episode 21

Well, Shaman doesnt make us want to jump off a bridge anymore but thankfully, warrior has taken it’s place. Honestly, the game isn’t in a terrible place right now competitively, it’s the staggering realization of the sunk-cost fallacy of this game taking hold.

NL 20: Episode 20

In memorioum to the cards we say goodbye to: Farewell Reno. Get f***ed. Un’GORO! New cards, new possibilities, the first of 3 new expansions this year that maximize Blizzard profit, reduce the creativity of adventure creation, and fill the coffers. Sorry, Shaman will still rule.   Also, my wife’s cleavage makes an uninvited appearance (only … Read more

NL 19: Episode 19

New changes are discussed and scott admits to being a 1%er. Also, Shaman is nerfed (LOL). Yeah, we’ll not see that guy anymore. Come on Brode. Admit your love affair.

NL 18: Episode 18

Scott finally edited his first show! That’s why it took over a month. That’s the only reason. I don’t even remember what this one was about. I’m sure we bitched about the shitty state of the game and the never ending dominance of Shaman.

NL 17: Episode 17

Christmas cheer and drinking games. Many thoughts on expansion and current state of the meta. Sorry for the delayed episode folks. More coming soon.

NL 16: Episode 16

Scott and Beau finish reviewing the available cards but start off with some gratitude to the people helping us make this a great podcast from software designers to guests to fans and friends. Then we swear a lot. I only bleeped one thing and it was Scott’s wife’s name. Earmuffs kids.

NL 15: Episode 15

After a month of absence and too many audio issues to count, we have abandoned Skype and found that shit is working again! So long Skype and **** off. Scotty and I go through the last few weeks of Hearthstone news and delve into the Blizzcon tournament, the new expansion (YAY!) and card review the … Read more