2016 NFL Playoff Breakdown/Championship Round

NFL Playoff Breakdown/Championship Round There are now 2 rounds in the books, my original predictions have gone 7-1 and there are only 3 more games left until we have our Super Bowl champion.  If you have been following along you know that each week I plan on updating how the previous round went, if I … Read more

2016 NFL Playoff Breakdown/Divisional Round

NFL Playoff Breakdown/Divisional Round So, the Wild Card round is over, I went 4/4 in choosing the correct winners, and each game was a snooze-fest.  I know the article got posted late but believe me, I submitted the article before any of the games had started.  Each week I plan on updating how the previous … Read more

10 Things I Learned From the 2016 NFL Season

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the NFL is almost impossible to predict. NFL experts predict a wide-variety of different things before and throughout the season but football is unlike anything else, the numbers can lie. In baseball it is safe to assume that a lifetime .275 hitter is going to rebound … Read more

2016 NFL Playoff Breakdown

The NFL playoffs can be very confusing.  A few years ago it was difficult to find out who is playing who each round and nearly impossible to figure out when each team is playing.  The NFL has done a much better job with this recently, to the point where if you spend 15 minutes online … Read more

NFL Week 10: Fantasy Start/Sit

Week 10 Start/Sit Sorry for missing last week everyone, as I’m sure you all know the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.  I am a huge Cubs fan and have been raised in a Cubs environment since I came into this world.  Most of my week was spent rooting for them and my weekend was … Read more