NL Central Preview

Last season the three best records in baseball were in the NL Central, an unprecedented turn of events that had Rob Manfried weeping with gratitude that Bud Selig added a second wild card team before he rode off into the sunset.  It is highly unlikely that the Cardinals, Pirats, and Cubs bulldoze their way to … Read more

NL East Preview

One week of college basketball down, one week closer to Opening Day. Time for the National League previews. Talk about a division with some interesting story lines. Can the Mets young rotation be stopped? Can the Nationals put together a complete season? Will the Marlins find a way to get over the hump. We will … Read more

AL West Preview

In a league with a surprising amount of parity, the American League West may be the division with the clearest divide between contenders and pretenders.  It didn’t help that several teams in the division had underwhelming offseasons that resembled a nervous blackjack player struggling with the decision to hit or hold on a fifteen. Now … Read more

AL Central Preview

Who finishes second seems like a better question at the beginning of this season. The World Series Champs look to defend there throne as the rest of the AL Central looks to make strides from last year. There are a lot of moving pieces in this division that anyone not named the Royals could finish … Read more

AL East Preview

This is one of those divisions that as you look at the teams, it is really easy to see multiple teams making the playoffs from this division. The hard part for the top of this division is that there is a chance to beat the heck out of each other. Right now though as the … Read more

Is there a better month for sports than March?

March. A time for your clocks to spring forward, trees to bud, and for many the sports equivalent to nirvana. So my question to the world: is there a better month for sports then March? America is on its toes for football all winter and then there comes a wasteland between the end of the NFL season … Read more

Yankee’s Going for Broke with Chapman

The New York Yankees are taking a strength and making it even stronger. During the last few days the Yankees bullpen got a huge upgrade by acquiring the Aroldis Chapman from the Cincinnati Reds. But what good will stockpiling hard throwers do for them when the team struggled so much with solid starting pitching. What it … Read more