MLB Hall of Fame Q&A with some of the OTN Guys

What is your opinion on electing players who have tested positive for steroids into the Hall of Fame (HOF) ? Joe Lange – Honestly, after all the debating I have heard over the years on radio shows and TV I am sick and tired of hearing who has taken steroids and who hasn’t. There are many players … Read more

AL Cy Young: Corey Kluber vs. The World

On October 3rd, the baseball writers submitted their votes for the players they would like to win the major awards. While a lot of the races spark more interest or are more clear cut, the AL Cy Young remains the aggressively mediocre race of the season. Everyone and their mother seems to have a different opinion … Read more

The Armchair Scouting Report: Blake Snell

Each week we let our light on the training but heavy on the sarcasm amateur scout loose on the internet to bring you his analysis of the hottest young talents in baseball.  In addition to his amateur scout work, philanthropic endeavors, part-time crime fighting, Olympic bodybuilding, competitive curling, painting, sculpting, juggling, and occasional bird-watching, Ian … Read more

The Armchair Scouting Report: Miguel Sano, Vincent Velasquez

Some scouts use acute observation to discern the subtle movements of a player’s muscles and tendons in mid-swing.  Some scouts can hear the difference between a fastball and a curveball by the sound of a pitch hitting leather.  Our amateur scout insists that he has been imbued with perceptive scouting powers by the ghost of … Read more

New Look Phillies for Real?

Through two weeks in the season, the National League East looks different than what most people expected at the end of the season. Now the Washington Nationals were expected to contend and being in first at this point is not a big deal. The bigger story for me is that the New York Mets are … Read more

The Tenth Team: The Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Baseball for the Ultra Casual, Noobs.

Sometimes life gets in the way. You make plans and then some things get in the way. Sometimes you plan to go golfing with a friend for tomorrow. But then that friend drinks more adult beverages than they should the night before and you don’t hear back from them for days. Or you are a … Read more

NL West Preview

The National League West is set up to be one of the most exciting divisions in baseball this year. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if this turns out to be the closest division race in the major leagues. With all the offseason moves that were made, there isn’t a whole lot separating the … Read more