North American League Championship (NA LCS) Team Preview

Counter Logic Gaming Roster NEW: Stixxay (ADC) RETURNING: Darshan (Top, formerly ZionSpartan), Xmithie (Jungle), Huhi (Mid), Aphromoo (Support) The biggest headline of CLG’s offseason was losing their star AD Carry Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng to their long time rival, Team SoloMid. Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes, formerly of CLG Black, was added to the roster to fill the vacancy. In … Read more

European League Championship Series (EU LCS) Team Preview

Fnatic Roster NEW: Gamsu (Top), Spirit (Jungle), Noxiak (Support) RETURNING: Febiven (Mid), Rekkles (ADC) Of all of the rosters going into this upcoming split, Fnatic may have the most questions surrounding theirs. After finishing 18-0 in the 2015 Summer Split and going on to finish in the top four at Worlds, Fnatic lost three of … Read more

Format Changes Incoming for the 2016 Summer Season of the NA and EU LCS

There are big changes on the horizon for the North American (NA) and European (EU) League Championship Series (LCS)! After looking at quite a few key factors, Riot Games, the developer of leading esports title League of Legends, has decided to shift the NA LCS to a double best-of-3 format and the EU LCS to … Read more

Record-Shattering: An In-depth Look at LoL’s 2015 World Championship Viewership Numbers

This past month Riot Games finally announced the viewership numbers for the League of Legends 2015 World Championship. Roughly 36 million unique viewers watched the final competition between Korean teams, KOO Tigers and SKTelecom. The number was up from the previous esports viewership record of 32 million from the 2013 World Championship, and much higher than … Read more