Power Rankings: The Rift Rivals Effect!

If you missed Rift Rivals, SHAME ON YOU! But we understand…so make sure you check out the LvL^ Podcast (on iTunes, Google Play, and OvertimeNetwork.com) for the full recap of the NA vs. EU Rift Rivals match up. Spoiler alert! NA laid the smack down on the EU! In the group stage alone, NA went … Read more

LCS Power Rankings: Preseason Season 7

LCS is right around the corner! This means our Preseason Power Rankings are back with a vengeance. Preseason rankings are always interesting. Roster moves and meta changes add unexpected variables into how we rank teams. Just because a team has amazing individual players doesn’t always mean they will do well (Looking at you Season 6 … Read more

ESL One Manila Previews New Secret, EHOME Rosters Ahead of the Manila Major

This weekend was a big weekend for Dota, with some of the highest quality play on display since the Shanghai Major ended on March 6th. For those who might not know, along with the introduction of the Majors tournaments this year, Valve also introduced a new roster lock system that was meant to bring more … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: OTN Hearthstone Tournament #1

Date: Saturday, May 21st, 2016 Start Time: 11:00 AM EST Region: Americas Format: 1v1, Wild, Conquest, Best-of-5’s. Where to watch: Twitch Prize: 1st Place: $20 Blizzard gift card The Overtime Network is proud to announce our first community gaming tournament! We have decided on Hearthstone as the game of choice for this inaugural tournament and have room … Read more

S6 EU LCS Spring Championship Preview: OG vs. G2

The EU LCS Spring Championship Best-of-5 Series: Date: Sunday, April 17th, 2016 Time: 11am ET/8pm PT Where to Watch: Twitch.tv / lolesports.com / YouTube Gaming Coming into the European League Championship Series: Spring Split many fans expected Origen to make the Split Finals, while many doubted the capabilities of newcomer G2 Esports. Toward the end of the split, fans felt like … Read more

S6 NA LCS Spring Championship Preview: CLG vs TSM

The NA LCS Spring Championship Bo5 Series: Date: Sunday, April 17th, 2o16 Time: 3pm ET/12pm PT Where to Watch: Twitch.tv / lolesports.com / YouTube Gaming If you were to ask NA LCS fans one month ago who they thought would have been in the finals at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, you would have heard “Immortals” being mentioned. But in … Read more

Shanghai: Major Drama

What should have been an exciting tournament can otherwise only really be called cumbersome.  The matches themselves were exciting, and most of the teams played quite aggressively, but nearly everything revolving around the tournament made it difficult to watch.  First off, the tournament was hosted in Shanghai, so finding a good time to watch was … Read more

LCS Power Rankings: Going into Week 8

WE’RE BACK! Did you miss us?! Just like the LCS, we took last week off. Not like anything big happened in Week 7…unless…WAIT!!! CLG BEAT IMMORTALS! Immortals went 1-1 in Week 7 after CLG exploited their…backdoor! One of the most exciting games in the LCS in a while. Cloud 9 fans rejoice! Your 13-0 NALCS … Read more

The Shanghai Major, Group Stage Recap – Group D

  Group D – Evil Geniuses, compLexity Gaming, Virtus.Pro, Team Liquid Sunday, February 28   GSL Match #1 – Evil Geniuses vs. compLexity Evil Geniuses. What can really be said? The de facto reigning champs after their $6 million victory over CDEC at TI5, EG is almost always the team with a target on its … Read more

The Shanghai Major, Group Stage Recap – Group C

Group C – OG, Team Archon, LGD Gaming, Newbee Saturday, February 27 GSL Match #1 – OG vs. Team Archon OG [formerly known as (monkey) Business], despite being a newer team to the competitive Dota 2 scene, is one of the most formidable teams in the tournament and the Group C favorite, having previously won … Read more