NFL Divisional Preview: AFC West

Ch-ch-ch-changes (sing that part)! The Chargers have decided to play in Los Angeles! Even more recently the traveling gypsies, better known as the Oakland Raiders, will be known as the Las Vegas Raiders soon. Speaking of the Raiders, they were tied for the best record in the division (with Kansas City) in one of the … Read more

NFL Divisional Preview: AFC South

The NFL Draft is nearly upon us and if you do not enjoy the other major sports, then this is a welcome respite. This preview is for the AFC South and since every division gets to send a team to the playoffs we have to take each one seriously. That being said, the AFC South … Read more

March Madness 2017: The West Region

The best days in sports are here!! Everyone, ready to fill out your brackets online (join the OTN Group on ESPN!) or on paper? I am here to shed a little light on the West region. Feel free to pick against me (if you did that last year you would have done very well). First, let … Read more