The Armchair Scouting Report: Blake Snell

Each week we let our light on the training but heavy on the sarcasm amateur scout loose on the internet to bring you his analysis of the hottest young talents in baseball.  In addition to his amateur scout work, philanthropic endeavors, part-time crime fighting, Olympic bodybuilding, competitive curling, painting, sculpting, juggling, and occasional bird-watching, Ian … Read more

The Armchair Scouting Report: Miguel Sano, Vincent Velasquez

Some scouts use acute observation to discern the subtle movements of a player’s muscles and tendons in mid-swing.  Some scouts can hear the difference between a fastball and a curveball by the sound of a pitch hitting leather.  Our amateur scout insists that he has been imbued with perceptive scouting powers by the ghost of … Read more

NL Central Preview

Last season the three best records in baseball were in the NL Central, an unprecedented turn of events that had Rob Manfried weeping with gratitude that Bud Selig added a second wild card team before he rode off into the sunset.  It is highly unlikely that the Cardinals, Pirats, and Cubs bulldoze their way to … Read more

AL West Preview

In a league with a surprising amount of parity, the American League West may be the division with the clearest divide between contenders and pretenders.  It didn’t help that several teams in the division had underwhelming offseasons that resembled a nervous blackjack player struggling with the decision to hit or hold on a fifteen. Now … Read more