OTN Fantasy Football League Draft Recap

1st Round –

1              David Johnson, Ari RB    Team Fidget Winners

2              Le’Veon Bell, Pit RB         My TE Ertz When Eifert

3              Antonio Brown, Pit WR  Dirty Landry

4              Julio Jones, Atl WR          DeVante Fanta?

5              Rob Gronkowski, NE TE Team Clueless

6              Odell Beckham Jr., NYG WR         Team Cassell

7              LeSean McCoy, Buf RB   Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

8              Jordy Nelson, GB WR     Slovenian Baby Sloths

9              A.J. Green, Cin WR          Blood Gulch Blues

10           Mike Evans, TB WR          Buffaloian Walruses

11           Amari Cooper, Oak WR  Winning Humbly

12           Brandin Cooks, NE WR   Thugz 4Less

Best Pick – Mike Evans, TB WR  Buffaloian Walruses, if you ask me Mike Evans should probably be the 3rd ranked WR in all drafts, following AB and Julio Jones.  OBJ is hurt already and will likely miss the 1st week.  There isn’t a huge value here but it’s the 1st round, I’m practically splitting hairs.

Worst Pick – Rob Gronkowski, NE TE       Team Clueless, I don’t mean to pick on Team Clueless so I will do my best not to but the whole draft I was thinking to myself: “wow, his team would have been great in 2012!”.  Gronk in the 1st round is a huge overdraft, he belongs in the 3rd round.

My Pick – Julio Jones, Atl WR     DeVante Fanta?, The top 2 picks are a no brainer, followed by an easy decision in AB and yet another one in Julio.

Other Notes – The 1st round is all about not screwing up, I think we all did a pretty good job with that.


2nd Round –

13           Dez Bryant, Dal WR         Thugz 4Less

14           Devonta Freeman, Atl RB             Winning Humbly

15           Michael Thomas, NO WR              Buffaloian Walruses

16           Jay Ajayi, Mia RB              Blood Gulch Blues

17           Todd Gurley, LAR RB       Slovenian Baby Sloths

18           Doug Baldwin, Sea WR   Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

19           Melvin Gordon, LAC RB Team Cassell

20           DeAndre Hopkins, Hou WR          Team Clueless

21           DeMarco Murray, Ten RB             DeVante Fanta?

22           Leonard Fournette, Jax RB           Dirty Landry

23           Lamar Miller, Hou RB      My TE Ertz When Eifert

24           Aaron Rodgers, GB QB   Team Fidget Winners

Best Pick – Melvin Gordon, LAC RB          Team Cassell, Love the value here to get who I think is the 5th best RB in the draft in the middle of the 2nd round, especially after starting with OBJ in the 1st.

Worst Pick – Aaron Rodgers, GB QB         Team Fidget Winners, I really am splitting hairs here because I thought this round went exactly as I would draft it myself.  I had to pick someone so I went with Rodgers here because I am big on waiting on my QBs, anyone who has read my Fantasy Foundation knows that!

My Pick – DeMarco Murray, Ten RB         DeVante Fanta?, I started with Julio in the 1st and wanted a RB if one fell to me, Murray was a solid value where he was even though I am not big on him this year.  I also knew from mock drafting that if I didn’t take a RB in the 2nd there was no promise there would be a good one in the 3rd I would be able to rely on every week.

Other Notes – None, good round all around guys!


3rd Round –

25           DeSean Jackson, TB WR                Team Fidget Winners

26           Michael Crabtree, Oak WR           My TE Ertz When Eifert

27           Marshawn Lynch, Oak RB             Dirty Landry

28           Ezekiel Elliott, Dal RB       DeVante Fanta?

29           Tom Brady, NE QB           Team Clueless

30           Christian McCaffrey, Car RB         Team Cassell

31           T.Y. Hilton, Ind WR           Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

32           Jordan Howard, Chi RB  Slovenian Baby Sloths

33           Ty Montgomery, GB RB Blood Gulch Blues

34           Demaryius Thomas, Den WR       Buffaloian Walruses

35           Alshon Jeffery, Phi WR  Winning Humbly

36           Jordan Reed, Wsh TE      Thugz 4Less

Best Pick – Jordan Howard, Chi RB           Slovenian Baby Sloths, My eyes practically popped out of my head when I saw Howard still available here, the fact that he went in the 3rd round alone blew me away.  No brainer here!

Worst Pick – DeSean Jackson, TB WR      Team Fidget Winners, I just don’t know.  I need to ask Brayden what he was thinking here because D Jax is usually available in the 8th.

My Pick – Ezekiel Elliott, Dal RB                DeVante Fanta?, Zeke the Freak.  You shouldn’t draft a suspended player based on how you THINK the suspension will actually play out, but I have a great feeling he is only suspended 3 OR 4 games at most, he may not serve it until next year at all.  He’s a league winner if that’s the case.

Other Notes – Not a great round here to be honest; on top of D Jax I thought Crabtree went too early, McCaffrey went too early (based on RBs available, not necessarily ADP), and Reed went too early.  I am inclined to wait on TEs as well in my drafts but this year most of the top TEs are all injury prone, I’m waiting later than ever this year on my TEs.


4th Round –

37           Dalvin Cook, Min RB        Thugz 4Less

38           Frank Gore, Ind RB          Winning Humbly

39           Isaiah Crowell, Cle RB     Buffaloian Walruses

40           Drew Brees, NO QB        Blood Gulch Blues

41           Bilal Powell, NYJ RB         Slovenian Baby Sloths

42           Russell Wilson, Sea QB   Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

43           Terrelle Pryor Sr., Wsh WR           Team Cassell

44           Adrian Peterson, NO RB                Team Clueless

45           Golden Tate, Det WR     DeVante Fanta?

46           Allen Robinson, Jax WR Dirty Landry

47           Davante Adams, GB WR                My TE Ertz When Eifert

48           Darren McFadden, Dal RB            Team Fidget Winners

Best Pick – Terrelle Pryor Sr., Wsh WR   Team Cassell, I know there are some conflicting thoughts on Pryor as a WR but the guy put up some solid numbers last year in the fantasy black hole known as Cleveland and now he has Cousins. Cousins lost his top 2 wide outs last year, a very healthy risk to take on him and typically he goes in the 3rd round.

Worst Pick – Adrian Peterson, NO RB     Team Clueless, Peterson went BEFORE Mark Ingram. Not sure if he was reading something different than me but last I checked this is Ingram’s job to lose, maybe he is hoping for a bounce-back year yet again from AP.

My Pick – Golden Tate, Det WR                DeVante Fanta?, I wanted a solid WR2 I could rely on here and based on Tate’s previous success in this system I think it’s a good pick.

Other Notes – Pretty sold round overall.  I think this is probably the round you MUST have at least 1 RB and 2 WRs selected or you are going to be hurting at that position.


5th Round –

49           LeGarrette Blount, Phi RB            Team Fidget Winners

50           Travis Kelce, KC TE           My TE Ertz When Eifert

51           Brandon Marshall, NYG WR         Dirty Landry

52           Keenan Allen, LAC WR  DeVante Fanta?

53           Greg Olsen, Car TE           Team Clueless

54           Matt Ryan, Atl QB            Team Cassell

55           Jimmy Graham, Sea TE  Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

56           Emmanuel Sanders, Den WR      Slovenian Baby Sloths

57           Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR Blood Gulch Blues

58           Kareem Hunt, KC RB       Buffaloian Walruses

59           Kelvin Benjamin, Car WR              Winning Humbly

60           Carlos Hyde, SF RB           Thugz 4Less

Best Pick – Kareem Hunt, KC RB                Buffaloian Walruses, OHHH BABY!  Kareem Hunt in the 5th round?  Wham, Bam, thank you ma’am!  If you can get Hunt here you are in great shape.

Worst Pick – LeGarrette Blount, Phi RB  Team Fidget Winners, I really don’t mean to keep picking on the same 2 teams but they do really look like teams from 2012.  Blount wasn’t even a lock to make the Eagles and he was takin in the 5th round here…not good.

My Pick – Keenan Allen, LAC WR              DeVante Fanta?, This is really the only time I would recommend taking Allen.  I already had 2 WRs I can trust on a weekly basis and my starting RBs are set.  If Allen gets hurt I can weather the storm, if he doesn’t, this is a very high reward pick.

Other Notes – Kelce here is a steal in all formats, he will be TE #1 if Gronk doesn’t stay healthy which is a pretty solid bet.  Hyde was also a solid value, I am not big on him either but he is a potential league winner as well if he can stay healthy.


6th Round –

61           Danny Woodhead, Bal RB             Thugz 4Less

62           Derek Carr, Oak QB         Winning Humbly

63           Jarvis Landry, Mia WR    Buffaloian Walruses

64           Delanie Walker, Ten TE  Blood Gulch Blues

65           Jamison Crowder, Wsh WR          Slovenian Baby Sloths

66           Tyreek Hill, KC WR           Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

67           Sammy Watkins, LAR WR              Team Cassell

68           Cam Newton, Car QB     Team Clueless

69           Joe Mixon, Cin RB            DeVante Fanta?

70           Tyler Eifert, Cin TE            Dirty Landry

71           Eric Decker, Ten WR        My TE Ertz When Eifert

72           Randall Cobb, GB WR     Team Fidget Winners

Best Pick – Tyreek Hill, KC WR   Crabtree’s Crab Cakes, Hill in the 6th is thievery, he belongs in the 4th or 5th round, taking him in the 6th is how you win leagues.  I hope everyone understands that value is how you win drafts.

Worst Pick – Randall Cobb, GB WR          Team Fidget Winners, Ugh, sorry man but you keep forcing me to do this to you.  Cobb just isn’t worth anything unless Nelson or Adams gets hurt.  He was like WR36 last year and isn’t being drafted in many drafts.  He belongs in the double digit rounds at best.

My Pick – Joe Mixon, Cin RB       DeVante Fanta?, If you have been following me along to this point you may be thinking “hey Joe, you only have 1 starting RB right now for weeks 1-7 and 3 WRs”.  I know, hence the pick.  Mixon was a solid value to me here and even though he may not be garnering 20 touches a game in the beginning of the season I do think that is exactly what he will be doing at the end of the season.

Other Notes – TEs are starting to come off the board here, I like both taken and was willing to take either with my pick but went Mixon over Eifert since there were still a couple I was willing to take as my #1.


7th Round –

73           Stephen Gostkowski, NE K          Team Fidget Winners

74           Marcus Mariota, Ten QB               My TE Ertz When Eifert

75           Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QB          Dirty Landry

76           Kyle Rudolph, Min TE     DeVante Fanta?

77           Chris Hogan, NE WR        Team Clueless

78           Zach Ertz, Phi TE                Team Cassell

79           Dak Prescott, Dal QB       Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

80           Martellus Bennett, GB TE             Slovenian Baby Sloths

81           Jeremy Maclin, Bal WR  Blood Gulch Blues

82           Pierre Garcon, SF WR     Buffaloian Walruses

83           Ameer Abdullah, Det RB               Winning Humbly

84           Martavis Bryant, Pit WR                Thugz 4Less

Best Pick – Martavis Bryant, Pit WR         Thugz 4Less, I mean I may be a Steelers fan but Martavis Bryant as my 3 would have me excited.  In the 7th round I think he will be a league winner because he has top 15 potential.

Worst Pick – Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QB                Dirty Landry, I mean come on, a kicker in the 7th?  That was just way too easy and I need to give him a break.  I picked Roethlisberger here because he is a risky pick here to finish where he is being selected.  I would much rather have Winston, Rivers, and Stafford here.

My Pick – Kyle Rudolph, Min TE                 DeVante Fanta?, It was time for a TE and Rudy has potential to finish 4th at the position, I like the value but I’m not really giddy with excitement with it.

Other Notes – A kicker, ughhhhhhhhhhh.  Don’t take a kicker until the last round guys.  MAYBE at the end of the 2nd to last round but that’s it.  That’s it.  I like the value of Chris Hogan and Marcus Mariota here.


8th Round –

85           Eddie Lacy, Sea RB           Thugz 4Less

86           Mike Wallace, Bal WR     Winning Humbly

87           Stefon Diggs, Min WR    Buffaloian Walruses

88           Justin Tucker, Bal K          Blood Gulch Blues

89           Matthew Stafford, Det QB           Slovenian Baby Sloths

90           Mark Ingram, NO RB       Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

91           Ted Ginn Jr., NO WR       Team Cassell

92           Mike Gillislee, NE RB       Team Clueless

93           DeVante Parker, Mia WR              DeVante Fanta?

94           John Brown, Ari WR        Dirty Landry

95           Terrance West, Bal RB    My TE Ertz When Eifert

96           Coby Fleener, NO TE      Team Fidget Winners

Best Pick – Mark Ingram, NO RB                Crabtree’s Crab Cakes, considering where AP went in this draft getting the actual starter on NO in the 8th is amazing.  I was definitely targeting him had he fallen to me in this round.

Worst Pick – John Brown, Ari WR             Dirty Landry, Another kicker this round, it’s just too easy, I can’t do it.  John Brown was my pick here and he could bite me on this because he definitely has the talent to be great.  Why I don’t like him here is because he has been injured all offseason and I see no signs of him returning to health soon.  He also isn’t drafted in many leagues of this size.

My Pick – DeVante Parker, Mia WR         DeVante Fanta?, I thought this was a great value on one of my breakout candidates of the year.  My RB core was shaping up well so I wanted some depth.  Side note, my bye weeks were really filling out nicely up to this point.

Other Notes – Another kicker…ugggggghhhhhhh.  Just don’t do it to yourselves guys, there is still starting caliber players here and kickers don’t have a big variance in scoring.  Some people here should have read the foundation before the draft.


9th Round –

97           Kirk Cousins, Wsh QB     Team Fidget Winners

98           Adam Thielen, Min WR  My TE Ertz When Eifert

99           Tevin Coleman, Atl RB    Dirty Landry

100         Jameis Winston, TB QB                  DeVante Fanta?

101         Mohamed Sanu, Atl WR                Team Clueless

102         Philip Rivers, LAC QB       Team Cassell

103         Broncos D/ST D/ST          Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

104         Chiefs D/ST D/ST              Slovenian Baby Sloths

105         Texans D/ST D/ST            Blood Gulch Blues

106         Theo Riddick, Det RB      Buffaloian Walruses

107         Willie Snead, NO WR      Winning Humbly

108         Carson Palmer, Ari QB    Thugz 4Less

Best Pick – Tevin Coleman, Atl RB            Dirty Landry, BIG BIG BIG value here on Coleman, dude puts up RB2 numbers with a healthy Freeman on the team, if Freeman misses time Coleman is a legit RB1.

Worst Pick – Mohamed Sanu, Atl WR     Team Clueless, This wasn’t a terrible pick but the rest of the round went pretty well.  If you like Sanu feel free to take him but he wasn’t going for another few rounds, if at all, if you ask me.

My Pick – Jameis Winston, TB QB             DeVante Fanta?, Needed a QB and I made the right decision, 2 more went after me this round.  Winston is in my core of QBs I’m comfortable using as my #1.  If this league had a bigger bench I would have taken a backup but I elected not to.

Other Notes – Too early for defenses guys but seeing as to how this league was drafting I’m surprised they lasted this long.


10th Round –

109         Danny Amendola, NE WR             Thugz 4Less

110         Hunter Henry, LAC TE     Winning Humbly

111         Andrew Luck*, Ind QB   Buffaloian Walruses

112         Cole Beasley, Dal WR      Blood Gulch Blues

113         Corey Coleman, Cle WR                Slovenian Baby Sloths

114         Matt Bryant, Atl K            Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

115         Robert Kelley, Wsh RB   Team Cassell

116         Allen Hurns, Jax WR        Team Clueless

117         C.J. Anderson, Den RB  DeVante Fanta?

118         Paul Perkins, NYG RB      Dirty Landry

119         Austin Hooper, Atl TE     My TE Ertz When Eifert

120         J.J. Nelson, Ari WR           Team Fidget Winners

Best Pick – Andrew Luck*, Ind QB            Buffaloian Walruses, You snaked him from me you dog!  Luck here is another potential league winner, not an ideal QB1 but if he comes back healthy he’s a perennial top 5 QB.  Amazing backup.

Worst Pick – Allen Hurns, Jax WR             Team Clueless, A Rob’s value has taken a huge hit because of the QB woes in Jacksonville.  Hurns has not been drafted in a single draft I have taken part in yet this year, WR50 if he’s lucky.

My Pick – C.J. Anderson, Den RB               DeVante Fanta?, I was foaming at the mouth here.  I needed another RB I could trust early in the season until Mixon and Zeke take over the starting roles and that is exactly what I got here in CJ.  I valued him higher up were Ingram was taken and I got him here.

Other Notes – I liked the TE value in this round, solid backups with very plausible situations to become top 5 at the position.


11th Round –

121         Tyler Lockett, Sea WR    Team Fidget Winners

122         Vikings D/ST D/ST            My TE Ertz When Eifert

123         Seahawks D/ST D/ST      Dirty Landry

124         Cardinals D/ST D/ST        DeVante Fanta?

125         Steelers D/ST D/ST          Team Clueless

126         Mason Crosby, GB K       Team Cassell

127         Jason Witten, Dal TE       Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

128         Dan Bailey, Dal K               Slovenian Baby Sloths

129         Alvin Kamara, NO RB      Blood Gulch Blues

130         Jack Doyle, Ind TE            Buffaloian Walruses

131         Patriots D/ST D/ST           Winning Humbly

132         Buccaneers D/ST D/ST   Thugz 4Less

Best Pick – Alvin Kamara, NO RB               Blood Gulch Blues, One of the RBs I am targeting late in drafts, he has a good change to take over this backfield based on his ability to run the ball.  Ingram is a solid choice where he went but for some reason Sean Peyton just does not like him.  I also think AP is finally done being prevalent in the NFL.

Worst Pick – None, Tough to have back picks this late in a draft, nothing really stuck out to me.

My Pick – Cardinals D/ST D/ST  DeVante Fanta?, I picked a solid defense in the middle of a run.  This is when you want to take your defense.

Other Notes – Nothing of note.


12th Round –

133         Adam Vinatieri, Ind K     Thugz 4Less

134         Carson Wentz, Phi QB    Winning Humbly

135         Matt Prater, Det K           Buffaloian Walruses

136         Marvin Jones, Det WR   Blood Gulch Blues

137         Doug Martin, TB RB         Slovenian Baby Sloths

138         Jonathan Stewart, Car RB             Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

139         Panthers D/ST D/ST        Team Cassell

140         Andy Dalton, Cin QB       Team Clueless

141         Dustin Hopkins, Wsh K  DeVante Fanta?

142         Cairo Santos, KC K            Dirty Landry

143         Eli Manning, NYG QB      My TE Ertz When Eifert

144         Sterling Shepard, NYG WR           Team Fidget Winners

Best Pick – Doug Martin, TB RB  Slovenian Baby Sloths, I was genuinely pissed when Martin got taken here.  I really wanted him and he got snagged before me.  I should have taken him last round and waited on my defense one more round.  Hopefully this doesn’t come back to bite me.

Worst Pick – None, same as last round.

My Pick – Dustin Hopkins, Wsh K             DeVante Fanta?, I needed a kicker and took him at THE END OF THE 2nd TO LAST ROUND, where Kickers SHOULD go!  I also like kickers that kick in warm weather or in domes.

Other Notes – Take kickers that kick in warm climates or in domes.


13th Round –

145         Giants D/ST D/ST              Team Fidget Winners

146         Younghoe Koo, LAC K     My TE Ertz When Eifert

147         Duke Johnson Jr., Cle RB               Dirty Landry

148         Derrick Henry, Ten RB    DeVante Fanta?

149         Sebastian Janikowski, Oak K        Team Clueless

150         Kenny Britt, Cle WR         Team Cassell

151         Corey Davis, Ten WR      Crabtree’s Crab Cakes

152         Donte Moncrief, Ind WR               Slovenian Baby Sloths

153         O.J. Howard, TB TE          Blood Gulch Blues

154         Jaguars D/ST D/ST            Buffaloian Walruses

155         Chris Boswell, Pit K          Winning Humbly

156         Kevin White, Chi WR       Thugz 4Less

Best Pick – Younghoe Koo, LAC K              My TE Ertz When Eifert, For 1 reason only, I like his name.

Worst Pick – None, same as the last 2 rounds.

My Pick – Derrick Henry, Ten RB               DeVante Fanta?, I wanted the handcuff to my starting RB so I didn’t have to pick him up if he were to get hurt.  It’s also important to know that I only recommend handcuffs that have a clear pecking order.  Henry has no one that is going to spell him for touches if Murray gets hurt.

Other Notes – You’re probably dropping skilled position players you draft in this round so throw a dart here if you already have your Def and K.