Fantasy Foundation: Block XI

XI. Remember, Fantasy Football is Meant to Be Fun!

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important that we never lose sight of why we play fantasy football in the first place, to embarrass our competition.  I’m kidding, sort of.  Fantasy football is meant to be fun, it’s supposed to give us something else to look forward to on Sunday when the only game we get in our area is Falcons vs. Patriots and the score is 28-3 (I’m so sorry Falcon fans, I just had to).  We are supposed to trash-talk our friends, have a few beers on draft night, scour the internet in the wee hours of the morning for our next waiver pickup, and root for a 6th passing touchdown even though our QB already has 65 fantasy points this week and it’s not even the 4th quarter.  Enjoy every minute of fantasy, if it seems to no longer be fun, step back and try to remember back to the first draft when someone took a kicker in the 3rd round and someone traded their #1 pick for a defense.  This game is about bonding with other people and creating relationships that last a lifetime.

Now go, start drawing up your design for your Sistine Chapel, your Mona Lisa, your Kate Upton, and build something you can be proud of.  Whether the season ends with you hoisting a trophy or getting a tattoo of Justin Beiber riding a unicorn that shits rainbows, take it from a Cub’s fan…there’s always next year!

* This is the last block of an 11-part series that has been posted over the course of the last week.  It will be posted in its entirety soon.  Thank you for reading and be sure to come back to the Overtime Network for more content!