ANNOUNCEMENT: OTN Hearthstone Tournament #1

Date: Saturday, May 21st, 2016
Start Time: 11:00 AM EST
Region: Americas
Format: 1v1, Wild, Conquest, Best-of-5’s.
Where to watch: Twitch
Prize: 1st Place: $20 Blizzard gift card

The Overtime Network is proud to announce our first community gaming tournament! We have decided on Hearthstone as the game of choice for this inaugural tournament and have room for up to 32 participants! Registration is now open and will close at 9:00 AM EDT on Saturday, May 21st.



1.0 Registration

1.0.1  All those interested in participating will have to register on to officially participate in the tournament. Please click here to register.

1.0.2  Each participant must pre-register 3 classes that they plan to use throughout the course of the tournament.

2.0 Bans

2.0.1  There will be no bans allotted in this inaugural tournament.

2.0.2  All cards will be allowed. The format will be Wild.

3.0 Play

3.0.1  Players must check in on 15 minutes prior to the start of their match.

3.0.2  Once the player has won with a class; he/she can no longer play that class for the remainder of that round. This resets each round. Please see this video for more details on the “Conquest” format.

3.0.3  The tournament will be a Best-of-5 format.

3.0.4  There will be a 10 minute break before the start of each round.

3.0.5  If a player fails to show up for his/her match, that player will be given a 5 minute grace period before being disqualified. His/her opponent will automatically move on to the next round.

4.0 Results

4.0.1  Players must submit their scores on directly after the conclusion of their match.

4.0.2  In the case of a dispute, players will be responsible for submitting screenshots of their victories along with their recorded results. The tournament administrators will make the final decision regarding the disputed match.

5.0 Streaming

5.0.1  One match from each round, both Semi-Final matches, and the Final will be streamed on our Twitch channel, TheOTNetwork. An administrator will contact you prior to the start of the round if your match has been selected.

5.0.2  The stream will be on a delay to prevent cheating.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us on Twitter @OTN_Esports or e-mail us at [email protected].

Featured Image: Hearthstone Logo and card backs courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.