LCS Power Rankings: Going into Week 7

Dang it, Renegades! You had everyone on their seats when you were hanging toe to toe with Immortals! At one point we were all hoping you would finish what was easily the best chance to knock Immortals off their tower of immortality! But alas! It wasn’t meant to be…sad. In other news: Rick Fox is the happiest LCS owner! His team, Echo Fox, is now on a 4-game unbeaten streak! TSM had their first 0-2 week with losses to Cloud 9 and Team Dignitas. And Fnatic pulled one out of the hat against G2, but then forgot how to play against Splyce. With all this in mind…there are only 3 weeks left before the Spring Playoffs! It’s do or die time! Here are the OT Network’s LCS Power Rankings going into Week 7!

  1. Immortals (NA LCS) Record: 12-0
    • It almost happened. Renegades almost slayed Goliath! Even though REN was killing IMT left and right, they never lost control of the gold lead. Then Huni finished REN off in style. A Holo Holo Pentakill! GG Huni! GG! And yes, Phreak’s voice cracked on the call again!

  2. Vitality (EU LCS) Record: 9-3
    • Vitality is finally living up to expectations. With some bad late game calls from G2, VIT is easily the team to beat now in the EU!

  3. H2K (EU LCS) Record: 9-3
    • EU favorites H2K had a good week! A long game vs VIT ended with a loss, but it was a very close game that could have gone either way.

  4. G2 Esports (EU LCS) Record: 9-3
    • HOW DID YOU LOSE AGAINST FNATIC?!?!?!?! Rekkles literally couldn’t fight in team fights and had to farm to get back in the game. And G2 let him back in the game!

  5. Counter Logic Gaming (NA LCS) Record: 8-4
    • Renegades didn’t just give IMT a scare. CLG was caught off guard against REN as well! But their unprecedented map play helped them to hold off REN.

  6. Cloud 9 (NA LCS) Record: 8-4
    • Hai and his shot calling is insane! His calls against TSM in the team fights, use of heals and shields, singlehandedly won them the game where TSM looked fairly strong early on.

  7. Unicorns of Love (EU LCS) Record: 8-4
    • Jungle-Roulette continues as Rudy is replaced by Loulex (ex-H2K). UoL is in danger of falling back in a mediocre pack of the EU. Something needs to click for these guys, quick!

  8. Fnatic (EU LCS) Record: 7-5
    • That G2 comeback win was FREAKING CRAZY!!!!!! That being said, all hype, excitement, and hope was quickly taken away as FNC lost bad to Splyce. FNC feels like they are on the verge of breaking out, but with these night and day performances, it would be safe to keep the hype low.

  9. Team SoloMid (NA LCS) Record: 7-5
    • TSM’s early game is solid. But the late game is a different story. Doublelift keeps getting caught out. In team fights, there still seems to be confusion and lack of commitment. Makes you wonder if last week’s 2-0 result is a fluke? Or is the 0-2 week a fluke? I’ll let you decide.

  10. Echo Fox (NA LCS) Record: 5-7
    • ALL HAIL FROGGEN! A 4-game win streak has Rick Fox dancing in L.A.! I’ll be honest, FOX should be ranked higher, but I want to see them pitted against some of the top teams in the NA first. Oh…they face TSM and IMT in week 7? Show me what you got Echo Fox!

  11. Origen (EU LCS) Record: 6-6
    • Pre-season favorites to win the EU are now struggling for a playoff spot. Maybe missing playoffs will be good for OG. Figure out what is going wrong, regroup and try again in the summer split.

  12. NRG eSports (NA LCS) Record: 6-6
    • NRG had a good week. They beat DIG and had a close loss to C9. Unfortunately that progress will now have a wrench thrown into the wheel with Altec stepping down from the ADC role.

  13. Liquid (NA LCS) Record: 5-7
    • Rough week for Team Liquid. If this was that 4-letter network, they would have been on the Top 10 Plays of the Day…not for their play or anything they did, but because Keith had a nice Quadra on them and Huni’s Penta was just sick!

  14. Splyce (EU LCS) Record: 4-8
    • Ok Splyce. We see you. 4-8 isn’t that good, but a win against the 5-time EU LCS Champs, Fnatic, is pretty freaking good! Could Splyce challenge OG for a playoff spot? I would say no, but anything can happen in the EU LCS…like Splyce beating Fnatic!

  15. Team Dignitas (NA LCS) Record: 4-8
    • So here is the assessment of DIG after 6 weeks of play. Early game is still a HUGE liability. There is no way the opposition should be on your inhibitor turret 8 minutes into the game! But the mid-game come back against a confused TSM squad shows some sign of life.

  16. Team Impulse (NA LCS) Record: 4-8
    • Well, TIP got a reality check really quick. I expect them to be in the relegation zone at the end of the split. Enjoy Challenger Series!

  17. Elements (EU LCS) Record: 4-8
    • No one likes an 0-2 week. But losing to Giants is just bad. This team has been over hyped since week one. We at OTN didn’t buy the hype. They only reason they are at #17, is because they have a 2 game lead over two other really bad teams.

  18. Giants Gaming (EU LCS) Record: 2-10
    • Two 1-1 weeks shows some sign of life! I wouldn’t break into a Pr0lly happy dance yet…you are still in the relegation zone.

  19. ROCCAT (EU LCS) Record: 2-10
    • ROCCAT defeated Splyce! Splyce defeated Fnatic! Is ROCCAT better than Fnatic?! Hahaha not even close! Enjoy relegation!

  20. Renegades (NA LCS) Record: 1-11

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