LCS Power Rankings: Going into Week 6

Bring your gifts so we may give a sacrifice to the Visa gods! Echo Fox has a LCS roster and Ryu is back for H2K! And how different do Echo Fox look?! They went 2-0 this weekend with a nice win over NRG Esports. Selfie has been filling in nicely for H2K, but Ryu back in the mix should improve an already strong lineup. In other news: GIANTS WON A GAME! But is it enough to bring them out of last place in the LCS Rankings? Also, this week we feature the Mid-Split MVP for each team. Here are the LCS Power Rankings for Week 6!


  1. Immortals (NA LCS) Record: 10-0
    • Reignover is a jungle god! Just when you thought he was great on FNC last year, he comes out and just bullies C9’s Rush all game long! Not to mention Wildturtle and Adrian are still rocking people in the bottom lane. You heard it here first: Congrats on being Summer Fnatic 2.0! 18-0 for IMT in a couple more weeks!
      • Mid-Split MVP: All fear the Jungle god, Reignover!

  1. H2K (EU LCS) Record: 8-2
    • Guess who’s back!? Back again!? Ryu’s back! Tell a friend! H2K went 5-1 without Ryu in mid lane, including a loss to G2 Esports, who they beat earlier in the split. This match up in the playoffs will be exciting!
      • Mid-Split MVP: 75% Kill Participation (8th in EU) and his 6.3 KDA (5th in EU). Not too shabby for support player, Vander.

  1. G2 Esports (EU LCS) Record: 8-2
    • I really wanted to move G2 into the 2 spot. But with Ryu back for H2K, and some bad decisions being made due to cockiness, I couldn’t. PROVE ME WRONG, G2! PROVE ME WRONG!
      • Mid-Split MVP: Tough to pick between Perkz and Trick…but I’m going to give it to Trick…just barely

  1. Vitality (EU LCS) Record: 7-3
    • Manhandled OG. That’s cool. BUT HOW ABOUT THAT COMEBACK ON G2!?!?! VIT has looked solid the past few weeks after a very comatose start to the split.
      • Mid-Split MVP: Not too many people know that Charizard evolves into a… Cabochard!

  1. Unicorns of Love (EU LCS) Record: 7-3
    • If it wasn’t for H2K making mistakes in the late game, UoL would have lost even harder. But the game against the new and improved Fnatic? Wonderful! Winning key battles and objectives allowed UoL to snowball FNC.
      • Mid-Split MVP: The re-surging Steelback! His 7.0 KDA is 2nd best in EU. With his support Hylissang, Steelback is poised to make the bottom lane of UoL a strong second half threat!

  1. Team SoloMid (NA LCS) Record: 7-3
    • Well…they had to face CLG again…the same rival team that beat them earlier in the split…how bad will it be this time? WAIT!!! TSM beat CLG?! Another 2-0 week!? Ok, don’t get excited…they only hold on to sole possesion of 2nd place in NA LCS…have they figured out how to play as a team?!?!?!
      • Mid-Split MVP: Hauntzer. Yeah, that’s right! Hauntzer! On a team full of stars, Hauntzer has been the only consistent player on TSM all split. He gave Huni (IMT) his toughest match up on the split (even solo killed him!) and has won his lane pretty much every match. Tell me it’s Doublelift or Bjergson and I’ll show you to the door!

  1. Counter Logic Gaming (NA LCS) Record: 6-4
    • Darshan vs NRG looked more like a Darshan vs Bots. His split pushing was almost xPeke-like! Too bad it all fell apart against rivals, TSM. They didn’t even get their first kill until it was way, way too late. CLG need to put the TSM match behind them and feed Darshan!
      • Mid-Split MVP: Although he struggled vs Immortals (who hasn’t?), Huhi has been great for CLG. Darshan is a close 2nd for MVP, but Huhi’s game against NRG was great! He was also responsible for 4 of CLG’s 5 kills in the blowout loss to TSM.

  1. Cloud 9 (NA LCS) Record: 6-4
    • Sneaky did it! He broke out the Jhin for his first match in LCS history…and against Immortals nonetheless! Although C9 lost, they did challenge IMT a bit…before getting snowballed!
      • Mid-Split MVP: Look, C9 isn’t the same without Hai. Even when C9 lose, they lose “better” with Hai in the lineup. Sorry BunnyFuFuu, Hai gets the MVP.

  1. Fnatic (EU LCS) Record: 6-4
    • Welcome to the EU LCS, Klaj! How does he celebrate his debut? First blood! Hopefully he can lend a hand to Rekkles and let him focus more on the lane instead of shot-calling.
      • Mid-Split MVP: Febiven is still one of the deadliest midlaners in the whole world. His stats back it up. FNC never really has to worry about the mid lane when Febiven is playing.

  1. Liquid (NA LCS) Record: 5-5
    • What looked like a good win vs C9 turned into a Jensen Hurricane! Repeat after me: AOE hurts!
      • Mid-Split MVP: Piglet with Dardoch in second.

  1. Origen (EU LCS) Record: 5-5
    • Pre-Season favorites OG have been anything but what we all thought they would be. This team lacks Spirit (he’s on FNC), creativity, and at times, they just lack life.
      • Mid-Split MVP: The only bright spot in a dull and dying light, Zven

  1. NRG eSports (NA LCS) Record: 5-5
    • The old saying goes, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” and oh how the mighty have fallen! Once the surprise team in the NA LCS have been humbled (I’m being nice) in recent weeks. A loss to the split pushing CLG and a rejuvenated Echo Fox handed NRG their first 0-2 week of the split.
      • Mid-Split MVP: GBM. #FearTheBowTie

  1. Team Impulse (NA LCS) Record: 4-6
    • Another surprise team in the NA, TIP showed hope. But TSM just outplayed them in every way possible. Picked up a win vs a struggling Dignitas.
      • Mid-Split MVP: The man of many positions, Gate.

  1. Echo Fox (NA LCS) Record: 3-7
    • “Hello Rick Fox. This is the Department of Immigration. We just wanted to let you know that the Visas for your players came in. Feel free to go 2-0 this week as a celebration!” FINALLY, Echo Fox is released from Visa prison! This is the team we wanted to see and have had such high hopes for! We missed you Froggen and KFO!
      • Mid-Split MVP: Department of Immigration

  1. Elements (EU LCS) Record: 4-6
    • They finally won…. against ROCCAT though. Yeah, still over rated. Nothing here. Move along.
      • Mid-Split MVP: Mr. Kalista…I mean MrRallez.

  1. Splyce (EU LCS) Record: 3-7
    • Rookie team. Rookie players. Rookie growing pains. 3-7 for a team of rookies isn’t bad in a competitive (albeit down season) EU LCS.
      • Mid-Split MVP: Sencux

  1. Team Dignitas (NA LCS) Record: 3-7
    • Still more work needed as a team. Individual play can be good at times, but the overall team mechanics still have many, many flaws
      • Mid-Split MVP: I don’t care, I’m giving it to BillyBoss. He’s at least the most improved player!

  1. Giants Gaming (EU LCS) Record: 1-9
    • Well…GIANTS gaming went 0-…WAIT! THEY WON!? THEY BEAT ROCCAT?! They are pretty bad, BUT WHO CARES! THEY WON! THEY WON! GG Giants! I congratulate you and graduate you to the 3rd worse team in the LCS! Drinks on me!
      • Mid-Split MVP: ROCCAT for giving GIA a pity win! GG ROC!

  1. ROCCAT (EU LCS) Record: 1-9
    • 9 losses in a row. 9! You beat a comatose Vitality team in week 1 and thought to yourselves that was good enough for the spring split! Just be happy Renegades has so many issues. At least REN is trying to fix them with roster changes…what have you done?
      • Mid-Split MVP: N/A

  1. Renegades (NA LCS) Record: 1-9
    • I don’t know where to start with REN. Freeze is the only shining star on this team. But no matter how much trash talking he does, Renegades is still the worst team in the LCS (Thanks to GIANTS).
      • MVP: Mister Trash talker himself, Freeze

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