LCS Power Rankings: Entering Week 5

Not much has changed since last rankings. Cloud 9 is the big winner as they took a nice leap up to 6th place. Elements hope of a good split is sinking faster than the Titanic. G2 Esports continues to impress, while Origen need to hit the panic switch! The midway point of the spring split comes up this week! Still have time to rebound GIANTS…or not! Here are your Week 5 LCS Power Rankings!


  1. Immortals (NA LCS) Record: 8-0
    • Even when they show a small dent in their impenetrable armor, they still find ways to change it around and steam roll the other team. Can we clone Huni and Reignover and have a 2015 Summer FNATIC team vs 2016 Spring Immortals team!? Please?!

  2. H2K (EU LCS) Record: 7-1
    • Many thought the loss of Ryu to Visa issues would hurt H2K. In the words of Nelson from The Simpsons, “HA HA!” No Ryu? No problem!

  3. G2 Esports (EU LCS) Record: 7-1
    • Hands down my favorite team to watch. Their lighting fast play and relentless pressure provide a nice change from the other matches that feature no engages and as little fighting as possible.

  4. Unicorns of Love (EU LCS) Record: 6-2
    • UoL took home 2 wins this past week. They are looking like the old UoL of the past and are now closing in on 2nd place in the EU!

  5. Counter Logic Gaming (NA LCS) Record: 5-3
    • Out of all the NA teams, CLG’s changes have come together the fastest. They have proven to be the second best in NA.

  6. Cloud 9 (NA LCS) Record: 5-3
    • 2-WIN WEEKEND! Every curse we could think of to explain C9 under performing has been broken! A certain friend of mine will be happy! Anyone else see Rush on Nunu!? Welcome back C9!

  7. Team Vitality (EU LCS) Record: 5-3
    • Team chemistry is still hurting Vitality. The talent is there. They just have to put it together. The good news is they are on the right track…unlike other teams with experienced players.

  8. NRG eSports (NA LCS) Record: 5-3
    • Well it finally happened. The language barrier kicked in and NRG struggled. GBM and Impact are still playing great, but the lack of communication is effecting this team.

  9. Fnatic (EU LCS) Record: 5-3
    • FNATIC instituted the “Scorched Earth” policy against GIANTS. That game was just nasty! But the big news with FNC is the benching of Noxiak in favor of Rekkles’s Solo-Q crush, Johan Olsson…aka Klaj. FNATIC Bottom lane brought to you by, IKEA! They don’t just make furniture, they make Bottom Lanes too!

  10. Team SoloMid (NA LCS) Record: 5-3
    • TSM had their first 2-win week. Two very ugly…sloppy…shaky wins. Time to put egos aside and play as a team and not a mismatched ranked game in solo-q.

  11. Team Liquid (NA LCS) Record: 4-4
    • They lost to Immortals. The good news is that so did everyone else…almost. As long as they stay positive, they can rebound and climb higher in the standings to take on IMT again in a few weeks!

  12. Origen (EU LCS) Record: 4-4
    • Sound the alarms! Get xPeke back in the chair! This is not a drill! OG is failing! I repeat, OG is failing!

  13. Team Dignitas (NA LCS) Record: 3-5
    • I joked on BillyBoss the other week. He improved quite well. The loss to Team Liquid was just a team collapse.

  14. Team Impulse (NA LCS) Record: 3-5
    • Their first 2-loss week since Week 1. Maybe they aren’t as good as we thought. But they have the skill and potential to get better

  15. Elements (EU LCS) Record: 3-5
    • I still can’t believe people, the people at the “other network” had these guys ranked in their top 10 a few weeks ago! These guys are falling fast and it isn’t pretty.

  16. Splyce (EU LCS) Record: 2-6
    • They show promise. Just as you think they figured things out…they remember they are a rookie team with rookie players.

  17. ROCCAT (EU LCS) Record: 1-7
    • Must be hard seeing your former players do so dang well on other teams. Look on the bright side! You’re not GIANTS! You are just a tad bit better.

  18. Renegades (NA LCS) Record: 1-7
    • Freeze was finally released from Visa-gate. The only problem was his rookie support quit the team…and they brought in another rookie support. Some advice for the Renegades team: The whole “let’s run around like a chicken with our head cut off” strategy is killing you. Just saying…

  19. Echo Fox (NA LCS) Record: 1-7
    • Showed promise in their early game. Then forgot what to do outside of the laning phase. In the era of sub-35 minute games and 60 second death timers, bad team fights will always make you lose.

  20. Giants Gaming (EU LCS) Record: 0-8
    • Can we amend the rules and get one of the Challenger teams in here? No? Fine…guess we will have to watch Giants Gaming pull the reverse-FNATIC….aka 0-18! Keep up the great playing!


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