LCS Power Rankings: Entering Week 4

I propose we rename the S6 Spring Split to “Visa-gate.” This is getting crazy. If all the teams could play using all their starting players, these rankings would be totally different. Nonetheless, we are about to go into Week 4 of LCS action. What have we learned so far? Immortals could probably take on the best of the best in most regions. GIANTS should worry about dropping to the Challenger Series. And the chemistry woes of TSM showed when NRG eSports shut them out 19-0! You think it’s crazy now? We still have six more weeks of the spring split left! Hold on to your Teemo Scout hats! Here are the LCS Power Rankings for Week 4!


  1. Immortals (NA LCS) Record: 6-0
    • Whoever was the guy who came up with the team name should get a raise. Hands down the best team in the LCS. Oh, did I mention a second game that they won under 20 minutes? They win so fast the other teams can’t even forfeit. GG EZ! (REPORT!)

  2. H2K (EU LCS) Record: 5-1
    • Easy weekend for H2K. The game with Vitality was slow and didn’t showcase a lot of kills. But H2K was able to win by controlling objectives. The second game was against ROCCAT. ROC made it a close game, but H2K ran away with the match after they secured Baron. Still impressive without their Mid Laner, Ryu, who has been caught up in the Visa Plague that’s hitting the LCS.

  3. G2 Esports (EU LCS) Record: 5-1
    • G2 continues to impress by going 2-0 in Week 3. Perkz on Corki was too much for FNC to handle. The match against UoL had more action, but can also be summed up by Perkz who went 13/1/7. Perkz Week 3 KDA line: 18/2/11, or in otherwords: M-V-P.

  4. Vitality (EU LCS) Record: 4-2
    • Well, they beat Giants. Which doesn’t mean much. They lost a close game to H2K. This team will be better and their bottom lane will start to stabilize…we hope!

  5. Counter Logic Gaming (NA LCS) Record: 4-2
    • This was as close to a “Bye Week” as you can get. CLG took care of Echo Fox and Renegades. We will learn more about this CLG team in Week 4 when they play Immortals and Team Impulse.

  6. Unicorns of Love (EU LCS) Record: 4-2
    • UoL went 1-1 by defeating an overrated Elements team. The loss to the rising EU stars, G2 can be explained by two words: Out Rotated.

  7. NRG eSports (NA LCS) Record: 4-2
    • NRG had a bad game against Team Liquid. But I’m sure we all can agree they made it up by shutting out TSM on Sunday. GBM turned in a stunning performance on Zilean going 5/0/9.

  8. Origen (EU LCS) Record: 3-3
    • They are slowly figuring things out. The fact they have great individual players have helped out a lot. But they need to work on coming together as a team when facing the upper echelon of the EU. Beating the bottom feeders doesn’t mean too much.

  9. Liquid (NA LCS) Record: 3-3
    • STABILITY AT LAST! With the promotion of Dardoch and Matt from the TL Academy team to the LCS team, TL can finally have a solid starting five! Not to mention Dardoch and Matt are taking the LCS by storm!

  10. Fnatic (EU LCS) Record: 3-3
    • A win is a win right? It doesn’t matter if it takes 35 minutes and feels like you’re playing from behind the whole game for one team fight to turn the tide! Right? Ugh…give it time FNC fans…. give it time.

  11. Team SoloMid (NA LCS) Record: 3-3
    • Well…the game against C9 was exciting! Full of suspense that seemed like at any moment, WWIII was going to break out in the middle lane! After the rivalry match vs C9, TSM forgot that there was a match Sunday against NRG. Getting shut out 19-0 isn’t just bad. It’s embarrassing. The bottom lane worries me the most. Yellowstar and Doublelift aren’t performing at the level we have come to expect from them. The stand out on TSM: Hauntzer. The only consistent player so far.

  12. Cloud 9 (NA LCS) Record: 3-3
    • Ok, so maybe it isn’t set in stone that if Hai is playing, C9 wins. C9 just can’t win on Saturdays! They can only win on Sundays! Hmm, maybe a name change is in order. I’m thinking: 7Heaven? No? Think on it!

  13. Team Impulse (NA LCS) Record: 3-3
    • So TIP had a reality check this week going 1-1. But they still look strong enough to make a move for the playoffs as long as they keep up this style of play.

  14. Elements (EU LCS) Record: 3-3
    • Many people were praising EL for their 3-1 start to the split. Not me! Beating the equivalent of decent Challenger Series teams isn’t what I would call “good.” But it’s ok! People came to their sense after a horrific Week 3. I would hate to be the PR guy for Elements after that UoL match. It wasn’t just ugly. I’m pretty sure what UoL did to Elements is illegal in the NA and most EU countries!

  15. Team Dignitas (NA LCS) Record: 2-4
    • Here is the thing with Team Dignitas; they have great moments! Then the adrenaline kicks in and they make terrible team decisions. Mental toughness and communication need to be worked on.

  16. Splyce (EU LCS) Record: 2-4
    • SPLYCE WON! Oh wait…it was against GIANTS. Kuddos for a close game against FNC, but they couldn’t handle them even when FNC is a shell of its former self.

  17. ROCCAT (EU LCS) Record: 1-5
    • A wise person once said, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” I would like to amend the saying to something like this: “If your bottom lane doesn’t succeed, try, try Challenger players.” Oh! hello Tabzz! See ya Safir!

  18. Renegades (NA LCS) Record: 1-5
    • I would like to take this moment to say something. Thank you Remi for all you have brought to the LCS! ICYMI: Remi, the first female LCS player, is stepping away from the team for personal reasons. Her Thresh play in the Challenger Series was nasty and helped Renegades win promotion to the LCS. Just wish it was able to come to fruition in the LCS.

  19. Echo Fox (NA LCS) Record: 1-5
    • Echo Fox is getting hit hard by this Visa crisis. It’s too bad! Having Rick Fox as an owner with all his connections could make this team into something big. Once these Visa issues figure themselves out, they should rebound.

  20. Giants Gaming (EU LCS) Record: 0-6
    • I would equate GIANTS to a Challenger Series team, but that wouldn’t be fair. Any Challenger Series team could probably beat GIANTS. I would wager my team of rag-tag friends could beat GIANTS…. ok maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. I guess what I’m trying to say is…. they are really…. REALLY…. bad.

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