LCS Power Rankings: Entering Week 3

After two weeks, much is still left uncertain. TSM is looking like they are coming out of their shell, while Echo Fox is struggling to even play the games due to Visa issues. G2 Esports has made a great impression so far in the EU, while Team Impulse has people rethinking their week one placement (myself included). Don’t get tilted! The season is still young! Playoffs are still quite a while away, but wins do start adding up. These are your OTN Power Rankings for the LCS Spring Split heading into week 3!


  1. Immortals (NA LCS) Record: 4-0
    • There really isn’t much to say here. The Immortals live up to their name. They had their toughest game yet against TSM, but still pulled out a solid victory. The highly anticipated match against NRG quickly swung in IMT’s favor after NRG had IMT pushed in most lanes. The mid-game Ace that led to a Baron blew the game wide open for IMT. They finished NRG quickly after that.

  2. H2K (EU LCS) Record: 3-1
    • Most people had H2K going 4-0 after two weeks. But a fight with EU darlings FNC quickly changed that. I don’t see the loss to FNC as anything to be worried about. This team is still the favorites to win the EU Spring Split.

  3. Vitality (EU LCS) Record: 3-1
    • Vitality seem to be in an identity crisis. Either they will show up and play super passive, or they go all out offense. Here is a tip: The girls love offense!

  4. G2 Esports (EU LCS) Record: 3-1
    • G2 has impressed many people with their play style. They are fast and work very well as a team. Their three wins came in an average game time of 28:33 (including a 26:05 win vs 3-1 EL). Their only loss came to an experienced H2K team.

  5. NRG eSports (NA LCS) Record: 3-1
    • The newcomers to the NA LCS have provided flair both on and off the rift. They held even with IMT for 30 minutes before a massive team fight ended NRG’s chances. Still a top threat to the NA LCS teams. #FearTheBowTie

  6. Unicorns of Love (EU LCS) Record: 3-1
    • UoL seems to be doing quite well without PowerOfEvil, but then again…they lost to PowerOfEvil’s new team, Origin.

  7. Fnatic (EU LCS) Record: 2-2
    • So much is expected from FNC after going 18-0 in the Summer Split and going to Semis in Worlds. Replacing Huni and Reignover is hard, but Spirit is filling in Jungle well. Gamsu has his moments where the fans yell “Holo Holo,” but then follows it up with moments fans hang their heads in dismay.

  8. Counter Logic Gaming (NA LCS) Record: 2-2
    • This CLG team is basically a two-man team. When Huhi and Darshan are hot, CLG is hot. When they are cold, CLG is cold.

  9. Team SoloMid (NA LCS) Record: 2-2
    • TSM fans won’t like this, but this “win from behind” strategy is so CLG’s calling card. Maybe Doublelift brought that strategy with him when CLG kicked him off the team. This team is on the verge of breaking out. The game against Immortal’s was great! One bad call changed the game, but this team is starting to come together. Hang in there TSM fans!

  10. Cloud 9 (NA LCS) Record: 2-2
    • Here is the C9 Match Prediction Chart: Is Hai supporting? If Yes: Win. Can we please stop underestimating what Hai brings to this team? Let’s not forget the reverse sweeps and summer split turnaround this team had when Hai came back to the lineup in S5. Start Hai and start winning!

  11. Team Dignitas (NA LCS) Record: 2-2
    • Poor Billyboss. Challenger to LCS is hard. And it’s showing as other teams exploit him. But the 2-2 record isn’t just his fault. Dignitas seems to have fixed their Baron woes for now.

  12. Origen (EU LCS) Record: 1-3
    • OG picked up a quality win over a UoL team that has looked very solid. But we are still seeing the impact of xPeke taking a back seat in his new role. While OG came into this season with high expectations, the UoL win gives OG fans some hope of a bounce back.

  13. Team Impulse (NA LCS) Record: 2-2
    • The tail of two teams? Week one had TiP at the bottom of the pack with Giants. They are in the LCS record books for getting destroyed the fastest in history (18:18 to IMT). But the TiP of week two? Yes, please! A good win vs C9 and a solid team performance against REN shows this team may have been under valuated by many people.

  14. Elements (EU LCS) Record: 3-1
    • Under ranked? Upset because they are 3-1? They beat Splyce, ROCCAT, and Giants. They lost to G2 Esports. Until they can beat teams that have more than 1 win, yes, they stay at low value. #Tilted

  15. Team Liquid (NA LCS) Record: 1-3
    • Maybe the 10-man roster is starting to work? Dardoch and Matt are the big standouts. They show hope that TL could be on the bounce back.

  16. Splyce (EU LCS) Record: 1-3
    • The good news here: All 3 losses came against 3-1 teams. The bad news: The one win came against 1-3 ROCCAT. I think you can tell where this is going.

  17. ROCCAT (EU LCS) Record: 1-3
    • ROCCAT’s issues can be solved in two words: Vastly Underperforming. Yes, the roster is totally new. Yes, they have a lot of LCS Newcomers. But there seems to be more going on than what we can see. Their one win came against a comatose Vitality squad that seemed to have been out partying late the night before.

  18. Echo Fox (NA LCS) Record: 1-3
    • I feel bad for Echo Fox. We really don’t know what they have. Three starting players have Visa issues and can’t play. Have to save judgment for another time.

  19. Renegades (NA LCS) Record: 1-3
    • Another team with Visa issues. Poor Freeze could make a difference on this team, but the bad shot calling and Baron baits are killing any hope this team could have.

  20. Giants Gaming (EU LCS) Record: 0-4
    • This one was too easy. No team chemistry. No team play. Bad team composition. Even a Bronze V player can see the mistakes being made here.

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